Longtime experience in leather, material research and footwear development services

Rossivenezia was created with the aim of supplying R&D services such as materials quality control and supplier sourcing to companies producing high-end fashion leather and fabric accessories.
With deep network in the shoe and leather accessories industry, Rossivenezia provides its clients with experience, knowledge and know how in the collection design, development and production.

Rossivenezia Studio has a deep network in the shoe industry and designer relationship.

what we do

Research, leather developmentand quality control

The plus is the personal shoe archive
of Mrs. Roberta Polato Rossi

Shoe archive of the last 60 years

our office

The location

Rossivenezia’s office is located in Riviera del Brenta. At Rossivenezia Studio, located in a beautiful XIX century Villa into an historical park, our clients can find a complete archive of the most representative articles of both traditional tanneries selected by us,
the latest novelties, as well as samples already launched, the leather masters and the tests executed.


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